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About Us

Edinburgh Minibus Hire has been providing stunning and affordable group transportation throughout the United Kingdom for a number of years and has establishment as the finest choice throughout the region. Part of our positive attraction is the many convenient services we provide for so many guests and residents of the area.

Our Minibuses Edinburgh Airport Transfers service is a staple requirement for visiting individuals throughout the many years and continues to be a popular choice for new and returning clientele. This superior service produces the impossible; clients actually look forward to their interaction at busy airports. Our Airport Transfers take the drudgery out of a typical airport visit.

We also provide an economical Minibus Hire with driver in Edinburgh, which is well worth the many benefits it provides to our passengers. For groups with a planned itinerary, our valuable drivers understand the entire region and perform a reliable service when passengers require scheduled stops throughout the journey. For groups without a planned itinerary, the local knowledge each driver carries with them becomes handy when passengers seek suggestions for places to visit.

Unlike our competitors, our Minibus Hire Edinburgh Company offers a unique Self-Driver package. We understand travelling groups may require their privacy or desire handling the driving themselves. For individuals providing the proper identification while also proving their driving competency, this affordable service is a perfect choice.

Choosing to book through our Minibus Company Edinburgh opens up a large choice of stellar fleet vehicles and added amenities. Large party groups have a deluxe selection of our large Coach Hire in Edinburgh, which seats 36, 49 and 72 people. Extremely large groups for School Trips or Corporate Events enjoy the spacious interiors and on-board entertainment. Our sleek, opulent yet cheap Minibuses in Edinburgh provide a sophisticated way for transporting Prom attendees and Wedding guests to your required destinations. Our Mini Coach Edinburgh model offers optimal style for Stag & Hen Nights, Anniversary parties, and Birthday celebrations and easily seats 24 passengers. Opting to book a cheap Edinburgh Minibus offers the ultimate solution for group interaction during Business Events and Corporate occasions as our vehicle capabilities can comfortably seat everyone in your large party.

Those seeking to research one of our Minibuses in Edinburgh should utilize our Edinburgh Minibus website where you receive superior customer support while planning your next trip. In addition to our cheap Edinburgh Minibus rates, the assistance from our Booking Agents offers an extremely fast quote return while working with you for every request. Without needing to compromise, your group journey incorporates economic value with help from a 24/7 customer service team. When utilizing our services for travel planning, clients cut down on the time needed to accomplish the task. Our Minibus in Edinburgh fleet includes Mini Coach and Coach Hire. You may select your vehicle choice with the assurance your reservation is secure.

Wherever your group plans to travel, our fleet of Minibuses including Mini Coach Edinburgh options will bring you there in style.